Friday, December 21, 2012

Let it snow!!

We had another mini snow this past weekend and I sure can say I'm missing the snow a little bit already. Looking back 4-5 years ago New England snow used to be massive and off course 6-7 snow days a year in on campus was always excited, great days to catch up on sleep and some homework. I have actually stop paying attention to snow warnings lately so was shocked when everywhere was white after service so I managed to take a few picture in this ankara dress marked as one of my favorite.

This Picture came out blurry but it was one of my favorite, kodak moment perhaps

 My braids are finally out and I must say I definitely wore those braids to the max. They should be back again  in February most likely and  for now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. On an attempt to relaxing my hair 2-4 times a year, I had not relax my hair since July so it was very hard to deal with and I can say I'm loving the new length it has grown *happy dance*

Christmas is right around the corner and I am more than excited for all the festivities happening this weekend.. (Watch out for plenty Ankara posts). There would be Christmas without Christ, and I won't be here without Christ, for by His grace I am what I am today.

What are you doing this Christmas??

Outfit details 
Ankara Dress : DIY
Earrings: Aldos black version worn here
Shoes : Steve Madden previously worn here
Jacket : Local Boutique - Humanity previously worn here


For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-Eph 2:8


  1. Funny enough, I have an Ankara dress with similar design to the one in this look! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more Ankara outfits from you.

    I actually don't have anything planned for Christmas. Well, I do have to go to Church and probably spend time with family and friends later!

    1. Aww nice nice....I hope you had a great celebration and time well spent with the friends and family

  2. Wait girl, so this is your hair? No extensions? If yes WOOW!
    Anyway I love those pictures of you in snow (I can't wait to see snow someday). Your outfit is super feminine and chic especially the coat! I'm loving the accesories, those earrings had me at hello.
    I don't have anything special to do on christmas probably the same thing as Seun.

    1. hehe thanks miss it took a long time to get that length and it only look so full because its not yet relax :)...I'm sure you would have fun playing in the snow and probably hate it just like me as soon as it start to melt and get colder....Hope your Christmas was well spent :)


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